Life In The Woodlands

The Woodlands is a hidden city in the Piney Woods Forest in East Texas. Suburb of Houston this little gem is a self sufficient township where you can find fortune 500 companies to world famous Cynthia Woods Amphitheater. Life in the Woodlands can mean different things to different people.

Love out doors? join the woodlanders on hike or bike trails for running or biking; go to the lake for some paddeling the canoe or a kayak; join in the play in one of our numourous parks or take your dog out for some run and fun in the dog parks.

Leaning towards more relaxed artistic life style? Our yearly water way festival attracts artist from all over the country. World's 2nd most used amphi theater Cynthis Woods Mitchell Pavilion has array of things for you to enjoy from Symphony to Rock concerts and every thing in between. Summer night outs, concerts in the park, concerts on water way, Shakespear in the park and several other music festival every week end means everyone can find something to enjoy.

Got kids? No problem we are very family oriented, kid friendly city. Our schools rank among some of the highest ranking schools. There is so much to do for kids here that your kids can never say they are bored. From children's museum to little leagues to Summer Camps. There is always something going on to keep kids entertained.

Are you a foodie? Our restaurant scene is quite awesome. Hole in the wall places that serve mouth watering food to top notch restaurants in beautiful settings like on the lake, on the water way will keep you busy.

Just want to hang out and relax? Our pubs and bars or Water Way amd Hughes Landing are some of the cool places to grab a beer and shoot breeze with friends.

Shopping? Don't even get me started. You need to experience is yourself to believe it.

What does all this mean?

It means that you can ride a bike to work, get home in 10 minutes change clothes go kayaking, meet friends for dinner or a drink and get back home without wasring time sitting in traffic and stressing out.

It means that our village style set up means that all amenities are with in few minutes from your door step no matter which village you chose to live in.

It means that your family gets more time togther.

It means your kids go to some of the best schools and have high chance of success in future.

It means you live among nature though you enjoy the city lifestyle.

It means that life here is peaceful, tranquil, active and basically rocks!

Welcome to the Woodlands.

If you would like to explore the Woodlands and like a free tour give us a call. We love to show off our town :).